With S1MPL0 you have full control of your health conditions. In addition to the normal features of a smartwatch, it monitors your heart health through ECG and PPG, respiration rate, blood oxygen and body temperature. If something is wrong, S1MPL0 notifies you!


S1MPL0 Sportpix


S1MPL0 Quadrant
Two types of smartwatches with the same functionality. S1MPL0 SPORTPIX accompanies you in your sporting activities; S1MPL0 QUADRANT is suitable for all occasions, from work to leisure.
Temperatura corporea Monitoraggio battito cardiaco Ossigenazione sanguigna Elettrocardiogramma Batteria a lunga durata Resistente all'acqua Pressione sanguigna Monitoraggio sonno
Monitoraggio salute a distanza
Servizio di telemedicina
Your health monitored 24/7. With the S1MPL0 premium app you will have - at no cost for one year - a 24/7 team health monitoring service. If necessary, you can take advantage of an immediate medical consultation.


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